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Cradley Links is always pleased to receive information and photographs of past times. We have been given a number of wonderful photos by Thelma Parsons (née Hay), John Deeley, Terry Cartwright and Phil Bradley, and we are sure that many of you will recognise relatives, friends and neighbours.

They have named quite a few of the people on the photos, but many names no longer come to mind.

We look forward to hearing from you about anyone you think you know amongst the assembled football teams, school, bible and sunday school classes, and in one case a pub room full of football fans.

We will try to verify any names you tell us and include them alongside the photographs in due course. Please contact us.

Church School Anniversary 1948

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The first of two photos given to us by Thelma Parsons (née Hay) from her days at the Church School and Homer Hill. This one is of the Church School Anniversary 1948.

Thelma remembers the names of many of her fellow pupils, as follows (names of children not in order): Back row right hand side: Tony Smith, Thelma Hay (next to faith on board),Tessa Lee, Sam Wooton, Irene Hill, Miriam Wilmot, Brenda Bates, Joan Bateman, Joyce Beasley, Margaret Downton, Granville Harris, Brian Hingley, Rona Dingley, Christine Cox.

Homer Hill Class of 1951

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The second of Thelma's schoolday photos is of her class at Homer Hill in about 1951. The photographer was the teacher Miss Levi, and it was taken shortly before she left for Israel.

Thelma is seated on the front row with white headband. Once again her memory of names is good, but she is not so certain of putting names to faces.

Perhaps some of you readers will help her out. This is what she recalls:
Boys in picture, but not in order: Reggie Gill, Ronnie Rogers, John Sidaway, Sam Wooton, Geoffrey Hill, Leon Phipps, Barry Mossom, Peter Griffiths, ? Williams, Gene Gerrard, Barry and Brian Lee, Trevor Wellings, Geoffrey Russell.

Girls in picture, but not in order: Tessa Lee, Valerie Williams, Mavis Nock, June Partridge, Noreen Cox, Ruth Dunning, Anne and Janice Butterworth, Ann Garrett, Velma Green, Pearl Basterfield, Thelma Hay, Jean Handy, Doreen Smith, Jean S?

Also in class but not on picture, Vera Homer, Granville Harris, ?Stack. Tony Southall, Tony Smith, Valma Attwood, Miriam Wilmot.

Netherend Girls School ?

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A mystery photo which John found amongst his parents' possessions. He has no idea who any of the girls pictured are. He hopes someone reading this page may have similar photos in their family archives for which they have some additional information.

John believes they are the pupils of Netherend Girls School (now the Sunday School) at the end of the 19th Century or the beginning of the 20th from the style of clothing. The 1884 OS map shows the present Sunday School as the Girls School and the school in Netherend Square as the Boys School. Both buildings are still designated as schools on the 1903 map without gender specified and it is not until the 1919 map that the Sunday School is shown as such.

Cradley Church of England Primary School Football Team

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This photograph is circa 1960 (the football gives it away) and Terry names the teacher as Ted Winkett, who he believes lived down Lyde Green and died shortly after the photo was taken [Ted died in 1964 - NB].

Terry names the following players:

Back Row L-R: Trevor Wyre, ??, "Nobby" Round (Vernon Round's son), Tommy Carroll, David Kirton

Front Row L-R: Glyn Totney, Jason Skitt, ? Charles, Trevor Reece, Peter Bradley(?), Peter Little(?), Terry Cartwright, Nigel (?)

St. Katherine's Church, Beecher Street Football Team

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Terry dates this one as circa 1967/68 [and I can confirm this as two of my friends are in the team - NB].

Terry names the following players:

Back row L-R: Vic Reece, Rob Sidaway, Stuart Bastable (Terry's cousin), ??, Tommy/Allan Charles, Referee (apparently related to Terry Hill of Meres Road), Joseph Chance;

Middle Row L-R: Allan/Tommy Charles, ??, Trevor Reece, Terry Cartwright

Front Row L-R: Paul Banks, Dave Lloyd ("Clod"), Trevor Homer

Netherend Football Team

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John thinks the player on the back row at the right hand end is Norman Garratt whose brother Benjamin was licensee of the Vine in Lyde Green in the 1940s and 1950s. Next to him is his father Les Deeley, who, he adds, looks a lot younger than he ever saw him, which dates the team to probably the late 1920s or early 1930s.

FA Cup in Cradley!

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John tells us that this is the FA Cup on display at the Vine Inn, Lyde Green, in 1949, the year Wolves [Wolverhampton Wanderers] won.

Brian Hill has informed us that third from left is Wilfred Raybould, and fifth from left is John Thomas "Tom" Woodcock. Any more names, or confirmation of these, are always welcome.

For anyone who wants to re-live this memorable moment (Wolves winning the Cup), a 4 minute video of the highlights of the match on YouTube can be seen here.

Netherend Bible Class

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John thinks this photo was taken in the mid-1930s in the field behind the vicarage, which his mother told him was used as a cricket pitch by the village team, for which his dad played. He remembers the field being used for cows by Netherend Farm in the early 1950's. On the photo, John's father Les Deeley is on the back row at the left hand end and on the back row right hand end is Bill Higgs who he didn't meet until 1958 and didn't realise he ever lived in Netherend until he saw this photo. Reverend Heale is obvious from his attire but John can't identify anyone else.

Margaret in Auckland tells us that on the back row, 2nd from right (with open neck shirt) is William Ewart Ray, always known as Ewart, born in Cradley in 1911 and married Lily Rose Pearson, her husband's aunt, at Park Lane Chapel in 1937.

Netherend Sunday School

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John can identify quite a few of these people.

On the back row second from the left is Marina Hough with Brian Buffery on her left at 3rd place; Mr. & Mrs. Heale are in the centre of the same row. On the third row, John himself is sitting at the left hand end, with Wendy Southall's sister Valerie on his left, 4th from the left is Mary Hingley, at 5th place is Pat Whiley, Maureen O'Brien 6th and Robert Tonks at 11th (or 3rd from the right). On the front row Wendy Southall is at the left, 7th from the left is Pat Whiley's sister (name not known) and two more along (or 6th from the right) is John's sister Pam with plait and wearing a blazer.

Colley Lane Primary School

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Phil Bradley names himself in this class from the mid-1970s, on the back row, second pupil from the right, wearing a green jumper.

Cradley Middle School (Homer Hill)

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In this class of 1980/81, Phil Bradley is in the middle of the second row down from the top.

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