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If you are researching your family history in Cradley, we invite you to submit the family names that you are interested in to this list so that others researching the same names, or with information that might help you, can contact you. Please restrict the surnames you submit to ones you know to have lived in Cradley, or with some other strong Cradley connection.

Please send your entries, including brief notes about your ancestors as this may help others identify common family interests, by e-mail to Cradley Links.

In case you are concerned that submitting your e-mail address will result in you receiving "spam" (unwanted and uninvited e-mails), the name/e-mail address entries on this page are heavily encrypted. We use an anti-junk email tool that scrambles letters in your email address in order to hide them from spam bots, spiders, spoofers and other automated email address harvesters.

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