Sketches of Cradley and beyond by Jim Round

This page is published with the assistance of the Heritage Lottery Fund. It comprises 123 sketches by Cradley's own Jim Round, some drawn especially for the Cradley Heritage Project, and 11 photos. They are arranged in three galleries: Cradley places; nearby places and subjects; and the rest. Jim is a prolific artist, his work reveals an eye for detail and a passion for his home town and wider interests.

Gallery 1 - Old Cradley Places

This gallery has 35 sketches of Cradley places and buildings, many of which are the subject of pages on this web site and/or in one or other of Peter Barnsley's illustrated books of Cradley.

Gallery 2 - Around the Black Country, and thereabouts

This gallery of 54 sketches covers many places, trades, occupations and aspects of everyday life in the Black Country and beyond. This is life as we used to know it, much of which has now disappeared. Jim helps us to remember and understand.

Gallery 3 - Far and Wide

The third gallery reveals more about Jim and his life interests. The 45 sketches and 11 photos tell us about his love of nature, his time spent in Scouting, his interest in old buildings ancient and not so modern, his fascination with the railways mainly of the steam age, and last but not least, his service in the Royal Navy and some of the machines of war.

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