Copyright and Fair Usage

This is our position on Copyright and Fair Usage issues as they relate to this web site.

The Cradley Links web site is a non-commercial, private effort by three individuals with the help of many others. It is assembled primarily to serve as a source of shared information on family and local history as it relates to Cradley.

However, copyright exists on much of the material on this web site. The contents fall into three broad categories:

  • material which is in the public domain;
  • material which is the original work of the site's authors, Paul Auden, Nigel Brown and Jill Guest; and
  • material which is owned by third parties and published with their permission.

Wherever possible, we try to indicate which category items fall under, usually in the © Copyright box at the foot of each page.

Every effort has been made to establish the ownership of the copyright of images used and to gain permission for their use. We apologise for any inadvertent infringement. If you believe we are wrong, and that we are in breach of any copyright, please contact us and we will try to put matters right.

We fully understand that some readers may wish to incorporate items (data, text, photos, etc.) into their own private family history files or literature - indeed that is one of the main purposes of this project - limited, private and non-published usage is not an issue.

Wherever possible, we will gladly grant permission to use content from this site for other, non-private uses. We would appreciate an acknowledgement of your source - Cradley Links!

However, we are in conscience bound to acknowledge and protect the copyright of third parties who have been generous enough to grant us permission to reproduce their work, which is their copyright.

So please, just ask us first!

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