Sketches of Cradley by Colin Homer

Colin Homer has drawn some sketches of Two Gates and Windmill Hill in Cradley and we are pleased to reproduce them here.

Two Gates: on a snowy evening in winter 1967. [Photo by Paul Auden]

We have added a photograph of a snowy Two Gates taken by the late Paul Auden in Winter 1967 from a position outside the Auden Stores, where he lived and which features in one of Colin's sketches (below).

The first of Colin's pictures below is a re-working of this photograph. Paul was instrumental in helping to set up this new Cradley Links web site and was a keen photographer.

There are three other sketches of Two Gates: one of the Old Two Gates Inn (left) and Auden's Stores (right) at one end of Two Gates; one of the Gingerbread Row houses at the other end of Two Gates where the road forks into Foxcote Lane (left) and Oldnall Road (right), and the grocery shop that once stood between the two; and one of Two Gates Ragged School, also on a snowy evening.

There are two sketches of Windmill Hill, part of the Stourbridge to Halesowen road that runs through this part of Cradley. They are both looking up the hill towards the top, where it becomes Drew's Holloway, the second from a position closer to the top than the first.

Snowy Two Gates

Two Gates: on a snowy evening in Winter 1967.

Old Two Gates Inn and Auden's Stores

Old Two Gates Inn (left) and Auden's Store (right): the top of Tanhouse Lane is in the foreground left, the top of Toy's Lane is on the far side of the Old Two Gates Inn, Two Gates Lane continues towards Windmill Hill in the centre, and in the foreground right, along the side of Auden's Store is the start of the footpath to Fatherless Barn and the water stile.

Two Gates Ragged School

Two Gates Ragged School: also on a snowy evening.

Gingerbread Row

Gingerbread Row: and Foxcote lane (left) and Oldnall Road (right).

Windmill Hill 1

Windmill Hill: the building with two windows painted green on the left hand side is "Staffords" public house, formerly the White Lion.

Windmill Hill 2

Higher up Windmill Hill: the group of trees on the right hand side are where Dick's Hill once provided a short cut to Two Gates Lane, via the old Windmill Inn, whose landlord Richard Stevens gave his name to the track.

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