1841 Census of Cradley

The 1841 census data for Cradley on this page has been transcribed from the Enumerators' Census Books by Steph Robinson and Nigel Brown. The transcription was originally published on the "old" Cradley Links web site with a fully automated search facility. It is now available once again, but without the same search.

The transcription was undertaken with considerable care and cross-checking. However, it is possible that there some errors remain. Whilst these should be very few and far between, we advise you to consult the original census pages wherever possible. If you do find an error, please contact Cradley Links and we will be only too pleased to re-check the transcription and if necessary revise the data below.

Details and abbreviations

This census was taken on the nights of Sunday and Monday, June 6/7 1841. The returns are grouped by the ancient local areas known as 'hundreds', and Cradley was a Chapelry in the Parish of Halesowen in the Lower Division of the Halfshire Hundred of the county of Worcestershire.

Thus it is the 1841 Census for the Chapelry of Cradley (part of Hales-Owen Parish), Hundred of Half Shire (Lower Division), County of Worcestershire HO/107/1197 Book 7.

The main information for each person is name, age, sex, occupation and whether or not a person was born in the county of residence. For those under 15, ages were given exactly, if known; for people over 15, ages were rounded down to the nearest five years.

In the enumerators' books, divisions between dwellings are shown with "//" (double forward slash) symbol whilst the single "/" indicates that another family lived in the same dwelling; sometimes this can mean a parent, lodger, or non-family member e.g. a servant.

The Public Records Office reference for this census is 'HO107' and for Cradley the fuller reference is HO107/1197/7, where '1197' is the piece number, which means a box of the enumerators' folders, and '7' is the book. The enumerators' books are bound into folders, generally about five or six at a time. To complete a reference you need to add the particular folio number or numbers followed by a page number. Folio numbers are stamped on the right hand corner of every other page, which is printed in the centre and at the top of each page. Don't ask us why. That is just the way it is. All this information is given in our census transcription to enable you to refer to the original source.

In our 1841 Cradley census transcription we have not expanded on abbreviations used by the enumerators. In the case of given names these are mostly fairly obvious, for example, William is often written as Wm., Benj is Benjamin, Elizth is Elizabeth, and so on. Abbreviations are also used frequently for occupations, the main ones are:

  • F.S. - Female servant
  • M.S. - Male servant
  • Lab - Labourer
  • Ag Lab - Agricultural labourer
  • Cl - Clerk (we think)
  • Ap - Apprentice
  • Ind - "of independent means"
  • ArmyP - Army Pensioner

This edition does not have a fully automated search facility. Instead, the whole data table is presented and it can be searched by the Edit / Find in This Page option in your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.).

To access the data table of the transcribed census pages, just click here ... We hope you find it useful.

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